A Beautiful Urn
Pet Urn Personalizing


     A Beautiful Urn is a "home-based, mom & pop" business. We are a husband & wife team and we make the urns we sell, (over 90% of the websites selling urns are just resellers or "afilliates"). We also do our own engraving, and the method we use to engrave was developed by us & is only being done by us. It is not laser engraving, nor is it done with a dremel tool or branding iron.
     Although we offer custom made pet urns, the main focus and purpose of A Beautiful Urn is to personalize the plain pet urns that people already have. Because we have lost children (our pets are our children) of our own, we realize that many people who choose to have their pets cremated, end up getting their ashes back in a plain, impersonal wooden urn. We, like many other pet lovers out there, believe our loved ones deserve better.
     A Beautiful Urn began when one of our dogs passed away while we were traveling. We did not want to bury our "baby" in a place we did not live, so for one reason or another, we decided to have him cremated. When we got his ashes back they were in a plain, impersonal wood urn. Since I am an engraver, I decided to engrave on the urn to make it more personal, then I laminated some photos to it. After a few pet loving friends saw the personalized urn, one thing led to another and the next thing I new, I was personalizing urns for pet lovers all over Las Vegas. I eventually decided to offer my services nationally.
     That's it, the story of how A Beautiful Urn came to be. Personalizing pet urns can often be very depressing, it is my strong belief that they are going to a "better place", and my generally happy nature that keep my spirits high and allow me to continue this work without succumbing to depression. That being said, there are still occasions where we are sent an urn to engrave, and the inscriptions are so meaningful they bring me to tears (nothing like trying not to cry on an urn while you engrave it). The work does have it's personal rewards though, and because I hold animals in the highest esteem, I also feel a sense of honor to be a part of their transition.

My very best wishes,
Sandy & Michael