Wood Engraving by AbU

    A Unique Wood Engraving Service by AbU. Custom Engraving on wood in your handwriting. Personalized engravings, burned in by hand. We can engrave on almost any shape or texture of wood. Have something engraved & personalized with style at AbU.

We specialize in urns but can engrave almost anything made of wood.

We specialize in engraving in handwriting styles (yours or ours). If you want, you can write what you want on the object, & we can engrave directly over your handwriting.

Our engravings are done by hand and the edges are not as precise as laser engraving, however the engravings will look professional & exactly like your handwriting.

We do not use ink and the engravings have a natural burned look.

Any style of engraved lettering is $1 USD per letter. Any lettering over 3 inches tall will cost extra.

Photo laminating is $5 USD per photo. Each additional photo is $3 USD.

20 % off our services for service dogs.

We accept most major credit cards through pay-pal, bank transfers, or a simple money order in the mail.

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