Pet Urns for Dogs & Cats

    Our wait time for pet urn orders has increased to a level we feel is unacceptable. We are a small "mom & pop" business with no desire to expand. Because of the large wait time for new urn orders, we currently are not accepting any orders.

    We specialize in wood pet urns. It's often a sad job and the cat, dog, & other urns we do occasionally still bring tears to our eyes, even though we have done many, "too many". Despite this, we have chosen to specialize in urns for pets, because of our deep love for pets.
    We can turn the plain urn you already have, into one of a kind memorial urn. Have a wood urn customized with engraving & photo laminating. We can engrave it in your own handwriting and you can have as many pictures of your pet laminated on it as you want.

Every URN we personalize is considered an honor.
Each one is done with love, respect, and occasionally...
a few tears.

We can do engraving in your handwriting, it's our specialty.

us with your requests or questions.

    Our service is professional but our business and our URNS, are personal. We make what we sell, we are not affiliates or resellers (over 90% of the websites you find are just resellers).

We do this for the honor and for our love of pets.

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us with any questions.
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